7 Ways to make Christmas less expensive

christmas For all of us who are short of cash, I have taken a look at ways to make Christmas less expensive than usual.
  1. Lets start with the obvious; Put money on one side to save for Christmas, and if you are lucky you may make some interest in the mean time.
  2. Have you noticed the rise in discount voucher sites, and booklets coming through the door recently? You could make some good savings on new purchases using these – make the most of them and use the vouchers wherever possible!. Suggestions: Guardians Voucher Codes or Voucher Codes UK.
  3. Why not make some use of all the old mobile phones in your home? Remember to look in the back of the bottom drawer for the phone you had three years ago. For cashing in and recycling your phone, take a look at Mazuma Mobile or Envirofone.
  4. Don’t run from supermarket to supermarket buying your groceries; check out MySupermarket for comparison prices before you shop till you drop.
  5. The largest part of Christmas in my family is booking the tickets for the pantomime, and it is quite often one of the most expensive. One of the things we stumbled on was the BBC festive TV and radio shows offering free tickets for audiences. I would advise checking the site BBC Shows on a weekly basis for show updates.
  6. Do you buy Christmas presents for work colleagues? In order to save money you could suggest a ‘Secret Santa’ arrangement where the value of the gift is limited to £5 (or even less!).
  7. Finally, plan the food, drink and gifts you are going to need. Put together a budget planner, and check your cupboards and make a list of what you already have, before you go shopping.

Now that we have got you started, please feel free to add more money saving tips of your own to share with everyone else, by leaving a comment below.

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